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Finest German Naptime Stories

Hähnchenschenkel und Schokopudding 
Chicken Thighs and Chocolate Pudding

An engaging workbook to help you expand
your German vocabulary

Most students of German feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of new vocabulary they have to learn to be able to hold a basic conversation. Can I ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it really is overwhelming and frustrating investing a lot of time into learning a new language but not being able to communicate the way you would like to.

With Finest German Naptime Stories I am providing a simple reading tool that integrates a great variety of cognates into your active German vocabulary – words that you as an English speaker already know, but may not be aware of their similar German counterparts.

Learning German with ease

  • Authentic dialogues using real spoken German
  • Detailed literal and semantic translations
  • Concise vocabulary lists
  • Engaging exercises on grammar and vocabulary
  • Beautifully hand-drawn illustrations

Nadin Lorenz

Hi, my name is Nadin, I am a teacher, a certified linguist and a language enthusiast!
From my own experience as a language learner and German teacher, I can say that stories that challenge the visual imagination with a certain amount of silliness and absurdity can achieve a lasting learning effect, particularly in regards to acquiring new vocabulary.

By using Finest German Naptime Stories – Chicken Thighs and Chocolate Pudding, as your new additional language learning tool you are making an excellent choice – it is important for beginners to read stories that go beyond the usual boring “Excuse me, where’s the train station?”

One of the most effective memorization strategies is to relate new information to something that you already know while adding a weird twist to it. This way we are learning new words that have the potential to stick with us for a lifetime.


„Ich bin wirklich sehr glücklich Nadin gefunden zu haben! Ich lerne Deutsch seit vielen Jahren und sie ist mit Abstand die beste Lehrerin, die ich je hatte. Sympathisch, authentisch, mit viel Humor und Fachwissen hat es Nadin geschafft, mir meine Angst vor dem Sprechen auf Deutsch zu nehmen.“


„Studying Deutsch with Nadin has been excellent. I'm a pretty new student of German but I feel that working with her has definitely helped accelerate my progress along the learning curve. She's superb at explaining German concepts and has a lot of integrity towards teaching. She's also really a wonderful and sweet person and interesting to talk to, and a lesson has yet to pass in which at some point we're not laughing. I definitely recommend studying with Nadin, she's awesome.“


„(…) the only German I knew prior to my lessons with Nadin were a few phrases from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. It has been a couple weeks now and I really like her teaching style, pace and content. She makes learning the language fun and has a terrific sense of humor.“

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