Fall  in Love
with the Journey

Language connects us, it creates access to so many different aspects of a new culture, to literature, music and film and, of course, above all to people. It’s about communicating at a level that allows you to express your ideas and thoughts. Perfect mastery of grammar or pronunciation is never the first priority – no one is interested in whether you use the dative or the accusative 100% correctly at all times. What comes first is you as an individual who overcomes fears, is spontaneous and connects with your tribe. We tend to have an attachment to perfection but remember that occasionally we need to slow down and preserve our energy in order to discover the true nature of our endeavors.  I hope that Finest German Naptime Stories inspires you to fall in love with the journey of learning German.

Here is how it works:

Learn how to naturally integrate more German words into your active vocabulary and boost your speaking confidence with my self-paced practical workbook.

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Buy the book Finest German Naptime Stories - Chicken Thighs and Chocolate Pudding. Meet roller-skating Inge, a horse with aspirations, her stalker, the one-eyed Bert the bee, and Inge's potential new love, four-eyed fish Klaus.

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Polish your German vocabulary by taking advantage of the similarities between the German and English language.

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Stop worrying about making too many mistakes so that you can start embracing conversations without fear but rather with joy and curiosity.